Furnace Puffback Cleanup in Trents Ferry Virginia

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Furnace Puffback Cleanup in Trents Ferry Virginia

The majority of homeowners do not have the slightest idea of what puff backs are, much less about the mess they can make. Most homeowners only think about the more common domestic problems like water damage and mold issues.

A puff back is the puff of smoke and soot from a malfunctioning heating unit inside a furnace that brings unwanted debris and messy gunk into the home. When a furnace works correctly, it mixes fuel and oxygen in balanced amounts for effective combustion. The right mix produces a steady flame that burns up the fuel. A puff back happens when the mix is unbalanced. If the rate of combustion slows, but the fuel injected into the system stays constant, a sudden combustion can occur.

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What is a Puff Back?

Puff back is what happens when an oil furnace simply malfunctions and the ensuing destruction ranges in scale; you could face a messy inconvenience or potentially a very dangerous and costly devastation.

The cause of this phenonmenon is a faulty ignition switch, which allows oil to accumulate in the furnace's chamber causing fumes to buildup. When your pilot light finally kicks on, a small explosion is triggered.

In the situation of a minor puff back, you might see the effects take place gradually. The evidence would manifest itself in the accumulation of black, sticky soot below a vent or buildup of soot surrounding your heating vents.

In a more severe puff back, the pressure of this small explosion forces every spec of dust and soot residing in your duct work to be ripped from its resting spot and enter your home to coat everything: furniture, curtains, carpet, walls, knick knacks, and everything else!

The resulting mess sounds similar, at this point, to someone operating a vacuum cleaner then removing the bag - full from heavy use - and popping it. Offending dirt and dust spreads then must be re-cleaned, but a puff back leaves far more filth around your home that is unfortunately not a simple powder. The consequence is a thick, black, sticky residue, which cannot be properly cleaned with typical household cleaners, but should be removed immediately.

In addition to the sticky soot, you will be faced with a foul odor, which often requires professional restoration for removal in the same manner odor would be removed from a home that has suffered a fire.

Signs of a Puff Back

furnace puffback cleanup in Trents Ferry, Lynchburg City  Trents Ferry VirginiaBe cognizant of potential soot buildup around your heating vents as well as the flooring below where soot may fall. Additionally, check your boiler room frequently for soot buildup on or around your furnace and inspect all oil piping for leaks.

How to Prevent a Puff Back

Routine maintenance of your oil furnace is the best way to avoid a puff back. Call a professional to come to your home for an assessment and cleaning of your furnace every year.