Flooded Basement Cleanup in White Rock Hill Virginia

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Flooded Basement Cleanup Services in White Rock Hill Virginia

flooded basement cleanup in White Rock Hill, Lynchburg City  White Rock Hill VirginiaA flooded basement is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. It can happen at any time from a number of different causes. Is your basement at risk of flooding? If so, how can you prevent a flooded basement? Find the answers to your questions here.

Causes of Basement Floods

While basement flooding most often occurs during heavy rain, flash floods or rapid snowmelt in the spring, it can even occur during dry weather. Consider the following circumstances that can cause your basement to flood.

Flooding During Wet Weather
  • Surface water inflow: This is the scenario most people think of when they imagine their basement flooding. Heavy rain causes a flash flood, resulting in streams of water flowing down the street and pouring in through window wells.
  • Excessive groundwater around the foundation: Homes are usually built with a drainage system to safeguard against excessive groundwater. If the water table rises, the drainage system may not be adequate, allowing water to seep in through cracks and holes in the foundation.
  • Sewer backup: When a sewer drain is blocked or overloaded during heavy rain, a backup can occur. If the backup rises higher than the level of your basement, wastewater may flow toward your home, entering through the lowest drain in your basement, which may include a floor drain, shower, sink or toilet.
Flooding During Dry Weather
  • Failed sanitary lateral: The sanitary lateral is the pipe that connects your home’s plumbing to the main sewer line in the street. If tree roots penetrate the sanitary lateral, or the items you flush down the toilet block the sanitary sewer, a sewage backup can occur. This causes your home’s wastewater to flow up through the lowest drain in your basement and cause a flood.
  • Plumbing system failure: Sometimes, basements are flooded internally from a burst pipe or corroded water heater. Frozen pipes and general lack of plumbing maintenance can lead to these failures.

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